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Designer Calvin Klein sold his chic designer home in Miami for a whopping 16 million dollars.
The hacienda of designer Calvin Klein in Miami stands out due to its simplicity. 

The walls of the villa on a generous Water land are kept in plain white, the furniture fallen Spartan and often with white covers. Many of the floors are made of unpolished wooden planks.

Designer Calvin Klein sold his chic designer home in Miami for a whopping 16 million dollars.
Nevertheless, the property with luxury confident pure. The decor and collectibles were chosen with an eye for details by designer Axel Vervoordt.
The house was built in 1929 and is located on the VIP Hotspot North Bay Road. The property includes 35 meters of coastline.Calvin Klein has the property now for 16 million US dollars to the purchase.
The 538 square meters of housing are complemented by a 200 square-foot outdoor living area. The plot is impressive 1,552 square meters.
Five bedrooms and five and a half baths are now looking for a new owner. The master suite has its own fireplace and a private porch. From the house leads along some trees and an infinity pool, surrounded by a wall of bamboo plants, the water, where you will find the private jetty of the Villa.

Turks are increasingly buying flats in Germany

Cagri Kanver Turkish real estate consultant: Turks abroad to buy real estate

The number of Turks in Germany purchased real estate amounts to almost 2 million. 45% of Turks living in Germany who bought a property there. In France, Turks living there bought 120 thousand real estate in Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, this figure amounted to 150 thousand, in the USA on 75 thousand and 10 thousand in Sweden. Especially the cities of Berlin, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Diego are are very popular with the property acquisitions

Friday, December 4, 2015

The key investment in the US

My US Investment, the leading real estate and property investment in the US, helps us understand what are the key investment made ​​in US. Together, let us explore this market with ever more opportunities.
If the US is currently the world's leading investors, however, they are no more, for 3 years, the first receivers of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). It is, in fact, China since 2012 who became the first receiver. By now occupying the third place worldwide as to the reception of FDI, according to the very serious Global Investment Trends Monitor 2015, the US position is still proudly leading the charts.

Of major assets continue to characterize the US are:

. the first global economic power

. the 1 st international financial center

. the 3rd most populous countries in the world

Other assets seduce Moreover, foreign investors:

. a predictable and transparent legal system

. developed infrastructure

. the most lucrative consumer market in the world

Why invest in the US?
The strong points

The US market strengths are plurals.

1. With a population of over 300 million inhabitants and a high-powered global economy, the US represents the largest market in the world, whatever the sector.
2. The American workforce is known for its high level of qualifications, being one of the most productive and innovative in the world.
3. The regional centers of the business combination with a shared industry: the "clusters" are very attractive. Real estate investment, high rental income, is still a very lucrative business for foreign investors.


3 weaknesses of the US is that the economy remains very competitive and financial system seriously affected by the subprime crisis. In 2015, the US began to rise, certain sectors or areas of activity are still very affected.


Taxation policy and US regulation offers foreign investors a wide freedom of management.

The investment aid

The different types of assistance

Both at the state and federal levels, foreign investors can receive grant funding as long-term subsidized loans. To encourage and facilitate the establishment of foreign companies in their territories, the US has started a business of seduction and fighting with foreign groups whose objective is to offer investors the best services and benefits available.

Foreign companies can benefit from aid provided by three federal agencies:
1. The EDA (Economic Development Administration) offers long-term loans with preferential rates for creative projects and activity extension leading to new job creation.
2. The SBA (Small Business Administration) offers guarantees for loans contracted by SME and can finance plant construction, industrial buildings on more or less long term.
3. The USDA (under the Ministry of Agriculture) may guarantee up to 90% of loans granted to commercial enterprises that would create jobs in rural areas.

This is Arizona has become the favorite status of investors because of the unique program of international trade zone it offers. Indeed, this privileged status offers companies therein implanting the lowest ownership rate that is the USA.

The US therefore remain a state that offers an interesting range of opportunities to invest and start a business. Arizona Dream seem to blow our ears My US Investment and EDA ...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Miami: financial rather than shoulder pads

The sunshine metropolis in South Florida stands out not only with the sun, sand and sea, but also with art, architecture and culinary feats. Miami Vice is only nostalgia.
Frank lives in Miami for 22 years. The German is not only representative of the tour operator TUI, he has also built next to a remarkable business with love. He's wedding planner and can be trusted as a trained civil registry office to marry her holidaymakers on the beach in Miami Beach and other romantic places. The number of these couples is growing. Only one Innsbruck newlyweds worked the not so. The day before the wedding, the bride told the preliminary talk with Frank, she would these Falotten of groom illegitimate because fraudsters and ever. Why do they still came to Miami? Resolution later.

Miami has established itself as a holiday destination, dazzling. The city, which was only founded 100 years ago, today is holiday, sea and sunshine. Namely, practically all year round. Sometimes it rains. But that's just a way of seeing things. "For us it is not raining. It says here, Liquid Sunshine", says a representative of the city tourism.

But sun, mojito in one-liter bucket and warm water in the Atlantic Ocean are also found in other destinations. The cities of Miami and Miami Beach, therefore, rely on more legs that will bring tourists firstly and secondly revenue. Some time has the very good work with "Miami Vice". When Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas aka Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs crime and a tolerable fashion sense with consistency and padded shoulders made a full end in 111 episodes of "Miami Vice" 1984 to 1989, the tourism promotion was pure. Embassy: Miami is safe, beautiful, and pastels.

And even if such a wet speedboat tour in the vicinity of the Celebrity Villas (including "Viagra Falls" a pharmaceutical manager) is funny, the Föhnwelle the two super cops is ebbing, so new must be stopped. It focuses on culture.

One of the attendent Martin Diaz Alvarez said "That's obvious. Finally, the Art Deco District with its wonderful buildings from the 1920s and 1930s, unique in its formation, will be to renovated houses

peps and is almost historically by American standards. Ever since Gianni Versace lived on Ocean Drive and his mansion was in Graceland's third most photographed home of the United States after the White House and Elvis' hut, the district is the major attraction in Miami Beach. But the recommended tours of the district, which can be booked via the Miami Design Preservation League, are not the only highlight.

Everyday things in Wolfsonian

So one makes about the talent of the American advantage, museums didactically so that it is a pleasure. In Wolfsonian Museum about that is located in the Art Deco District to design pieces found from the period between 1885 and 1945. Ranging from the turntable through the mixer up to billboards and images that reflect the a piece of American history, economic recovery and Art. Mitchell Wolfson founded the museum. Also there to present his collection to. For Wolfson was of the opinion that everyday things most statements about the behavior of people.

Newly designed neighborhoods

Modern art in a low-energy buildings of breathtaking architecture presents the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), which opened nearly two years ago. Around the PAMM is still under construction. The museum is part of a new district in Downtown Miami right on the bay. Nowhere Miami looks modern and at the same time greener than here.

Not far from here is in many places also still hammered and timbered diligently. In a neighborhood next to the highway, which one would not necessarily originally called wirtlich, created the Design District. 125 super expensive branded goods manufacturers and dealers are here to offer the rich and famous their goods in a culturally and architecturally inspired environment. South Americans who do not know where the money is immediately given here will help. Each vendor can make its facade as it wants, what Hermes & Co have used extensively and interesting way. For those who do not want to shop there, some good news: Parking is dirt cheap.

In fact, it is possible to Miami residents to lure well-heeled customers in the city. Best proof is on the one hand, real estate prices (the most expensive penthouse on the beach was last sold by $ 50 million) and, secondly, it is the art market. The annually held offshoot of the art fair "Art Basel" in Miami has become so successful that in Miami more money is converted as in Basel itself. And that's saying something. (For those who want to read about Bitter evil: "Back to Blood" by Tom Wolfe).

Even eating and drinking culture

But it must go not only classy. A culinary tour with a "ABC = American born Cuban" by Little Havana offers a nice overview of the lives of the Cuban exiles, while not all live in the Calle Ocho, but at least here play dominoes, eating times and the legendary jazz venue " Ball & Chain "music and dancing.

Also away from the beach and art deco is Wynwood. The neighborhood has become a Mecca for graffiti artists. Only those who can spray a wall here, it has really done. Whereby the mural art, which can be seen here, is light years different on domestic walls of some graffiti.

At the highest level very different styles are perfected. This is thanks to the real estate developer Tony Goldman, who has already passed away and is on the verge of canonization in the sprayer community. As usual in the US, Goldman has a passion also connected to the business and made a profit vigorously in developing the rundown district. Everyone here begrudge him.

What you might have to wait, is the justification of from Innsbruck, while flew to Miami, but there canceled their wedding. It is simple. First the flight was already paid. And Miami is finally a fine resort. One must here not to marry in order to recover.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Art Basel: The coolest art fair in Miami Beach

Since 2002, the city in Florida hosts the American edition of the prestigious contemporary art installation. Today, it is considered the largest in the country.
It is nothing new: Miami is emerging increasingly as a destination that offers much more than shopping and sea and in this quest to expand its cultural activities, not only in quantity but in quality, since 2002 the city becomes the official headquarters the prestigious Art Basel. Thus, Florida joins Basel and Hong Kong as the cradle of one of the major exhibitions of contemporary works.

Artistic Florida

Miami was chosen as the North American headquarters for being one of the most iconic cities. Its beaches, Art Deco architecture and its intense nightlife give an idiosyncrasy for other particular; so much so that the younger sister began as the Swiss subsidiary now considered fair art most important United States.

Art Basel takes place every year in the month of December at the Miami Beach Convention Center, located in the Art Deco District . The 2015 edition will take place between 3 and 6 December, days when the city will be transformed into a dynamic and cosmopolitan event that combines art and entertainment.

Year after year, participating international galleries; the Galleries section, for example, brings together 200 of the most prestigious houses in the world, although nearly half of the exhibitors come from the United States and Latin America. But, besides the participation of galleries whose reputation is already well enshrined, also part other emerging, and a section devoted to limited editions.

Art Basel is born of the conviction that the galleries play a key role in promoting the visual arts. The contemporary art scene owes its dynamism to the relations between galleries, artists, private collectors and public institutions and, especially during the last decade, the art fairs became the ideal way for galleries to have access to collectors and curators platform while art enthusiasts can discover new names, if not deepen the bond with those who already know.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Real estate market in Miami: A "war" between local and foreign

The real estate market in Miami has more than one face. One billionaire, characterized by huge investments in luxury buildings, located in areas such as Brickell, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and the other, more conservative, more local, meant to cater to those sectors that have specific needs and are not intended to live or work in those locations.
The lessons learned in the past have led these professionals to maintain a conservative, realistic and more sustainable result in time to the business of "Real Estate" relationship. Their careers ran parallel as they shared a great friendship. Carlos came-before suffering another setback in the 80s and more recently as many in the real estate market in 2007 that forced him to reinvent or disappear; Ramon meanwhile saw limited their professions in their homeland so that, by "stuff of life", decided to join forces in 2008 and give Trizel this new approach to overcome the slope.
How did it go on? What worst is over? You what I can summarize in one word: Confidence. Trust between us. ¿confidence in the market also? We see growth but remains to be seen whether this growth will be rather artificial. We strongly believe in Miami; what happens is that this city gets a lot of influence from abroad. External influence distorts the local market. You can not distract in abroad but focus on the local market to survive. For us it has worked to unite our friendship, mutual trust and the business to be doing our best in this jungle of Miami facing a "war" between local and foreign. What is sought in the local market? We're focusing on the "Workforce housing" (housing for the working class) for those looking to rent because they have no purchasing power. The offer is limited to this sector.
This is a problem, such as Miami, facing all major cities. We focus on providing options; manage property well. In Miami no market to manage properties of all sizes, but Trizel looking buildings focus on a small number of units to ensure better service to neighborhood associations to which it serves. In this case, less is more. How would you define you success, given their past experiences and behavior of the real estate market today? Ours is a family business and we rely on values ​​such as trust, honesty, loyalty.
The competition is fierce in this way: if you're not careful, your competitors will steal the bread from the mouth, however, if you have a clear goal and sales are focused on. Also apply a simple when closing a business formula: we know our own limitations and we consider our "own league." Will sit with the "majors" can lead to failure if it does not have the financial or operational capacity. Our first experiment failed in the 80s because the company which we then tried to play in the league which did not belong. Today, if you adapt to new ways of promoting your business, you become attached to your values ​​and you You show up to work every day, you have half the battle won.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beyonce and Jay Z: they win $ 4 million per concert!

This is a summer job that pays! The joint tour of Beyonce and Jay called "On the Run" bring in their $ 4 million per concert .
Carter couple may be on the verge of breaking, but what is certain is that it always reports much! Despite persistent rumors of separation, the fans always meet present at each of their movements.
Beyonce and Jay Z have a large common entammé tour called "On the Run" on June 25 in Miami, a tour that passes  through Paris on 12 and 13 September.
According to Forbes magazine very seriously, their concert series has become, even before its launch,  the second most profitable tour in history  to the legendary DC band AC / or the Rolling Stones. 
New York now makes some numbers that make your head spin! The joint tour of the singer and rapper should indeed report $ 100 million.
The newspaper also reports that the two artists pocket every evening "modest" sum of four million dollars.
And need to be a mathematical genius to calculate that with 21 concerts in the program, both parents of Blue Ivy deposit a check for $ 84 million on their bank accounts once the mission is accomplished!

Maybe Beyoncé have already decided to invest that money in real estate? The same newspaper also explained on Tuesday (July 29) that the singer would have been only a luxurious apartment  of 21.5 million located Chelsea, New Nork ...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NBA: Granger McRoberts and join the Miami Heat

Free agents Danny Granger and Josh McRoberts joined the Miami Heat, the team that recently fell into great NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs.
Operations Manager Heat, Pat Riley confirmed that both players will be part of the official squad for the 2014-2015 campaign.
The contract would McRoberts four years and $ 23 million, while the Granger would be for two seasons and $ 4.8 million.
The two can not officially sign with the Heat until Thursday, when the moratorium ends free agents.
McRoberts, 27, averaged 8.5 points, 4.8 rebounds and 4.3 assists in 78 games last season with the Charlotte Bobcats.
Selected by Portland in the second round of the 'draft' (headhunting) NBA in 2007, McRoberts has averaged 5.7 points and 4.2 rebounds in 350 career games with the Portland Trail Blazers, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic and Charlotte Bobcats.
Meanwhile, Granger, a former All-Star, spent his entire career with the Pacers before being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. at the deadline last season.
Production Granger, 31, has fallen in the past two seasons because of various injuries.
In his career, Granger is averaging 17.4 points and 5.1 rebounds in 556 games.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pau Gasol also has the option to Miami Heat

In the transfer market this summer's NBA there are many interesting players for many teams, all outbreaks are leading LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony Pau Gasol but Spanish is also still a problem.

Many franchises are becoming interested to see what they can offer Pau Gasol for next season, have sounded great franchises as Oklahoma City Thunder, and now appears as the various means Miami Heat .

Miami Project
Pat Riley is putting together a new team that can come back to fight for the championship ring, and to achieve something important to offer LeBron James a good project is to find players that project to excite the NBA star.

In Miami Heat have to make many adjustments, and Pau Gasol would be an important player for them in the NBA Finals team Florida has had problems with the center, Chris Bosh is not a pure center and has had it rough sometimes Pau Gasol and that may be key.

Miami lacks many parts
For Pau Gasol also be interesting proposal Miami Heat, but it is a project in the air than Oklahoma for example having all its major players already on the team, while in Miami are still many players who do not Pau Gasol would be jeopardized continue fighting for another ring.

Pau Gasol will continue to evaluate the various proposals to do to find one in which there is a good project and where I can feel an important and useful player, while the market is still moving.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Miami, city of all vices? Where start (and where to stop) fantasies

Miami, is it really the city that we present in W9 "The Marseille to Miami?" Yes ... but not that.Sandrine Kukurudz lived there seven years, the time a thunderbolt then disillusionment that settled slowly but surely. Why the French often they misrepresent the attractive capital of Florida? Testimony.

Miami, city of all vices? The starting and stops the fantasy

The implant candidates in the U.S. are more every day in France ever doubt. Among them are many who dream to put their furniture in the Miami captivating ... Yet!

There were violent Miami, dangerous 80s, when the Cuban mafia was a reign of terror. The era of Crockett, Tubs, and Castillo, where we could not stop at a red light without fear of leaving there at least four tires are gone.

Today, French TV - including W9 - presents an opulent city, who built huge empires on real estate and the world of the night. French empires which would derive their game, making Miami the city of all fantasies! Easy living under constant sun, Maserati convertible, the huge pool and jacuzzi in the garden with a fabulous designer house, bordering the turquoise ocean ... 

Stereotypes that die hard

When we spent like me 7 years in Miami before and after the famous subprime crisis, we are able to dismantle one by one the castles in Spain.
We also spent euphoria detestation of a city without energy, subscribes to false pretenses. Admittedly, the first shock by depositing his luggage immigrant is close to orgasm: an apartment with windows on Ocean Drive, a few daily laps in the pool before starting a workday which ends at worst 5 hours, the evening barbecue with nice neighbors, the French, who welcome you with open arms and a gaggle of friends who make you forget those you left. And then the dream ... reality.

The ebb and flow of friendships often interested

The alarm clock is harder. It is extremely difficult to work in Miami and reach to gain an honest living, except for businesses related to tourism. On the other hand, the city does not expect you. 65% of Hispanics in Miami, do not expect to get away without speaking Spanish. 

Despite the impressive ocean color and happiness to dive into a pool at 30 degrees every day, we must deal with the realities of everyday life, after a moment. At 20, 30 or 40 years, can we build a future for himself and his children in this postcard?

To confirm the decline of love beginnings, friendships wither. With newcomers landing each month, we become less interesting. Because we do not welcome you by chance in Miami. All interested. Upon arrival, you are identified. But you do not understand right away! I had so many friends that I felt some nights live at Club Med. And then I had less, much less. Sometimes by choice, but not always.

A city must come millionaire and be prepared to lose everything

Most of those who succeed in Miami do not work there. Companies are in Europe, Latin America, or in other major cities in the United States. Others work in Miami, but with an international clientele. As many Hispanic fortunes, they come and spend several months a year they can not afford in their country, alarmed at the idea of ​​being attacked or abducted.

And the time for assessments, the vast majority of French who came with their savings, lost for most.Many of these French also arrive to embark on the restoration without any knowledge of art. They close quickly and sell at a loss in many cases.

Porsche, Louboutins and surgery

Slogan t-shirts sold in Miami Beach finally sums up the reality of the place: " If you are rich, I'm your bitch. " If you're rich, I'm your bitch. 

While Miami Beach is not Miami and this city has many neighborhoods. Although even if the environment changes a kilometer to another, the mentality remains the same. After a few years, you get tired of crossing at 8 am at the supermarket women redone on Louboutins 12 centimeters.

It is said that even so, to choose its strawberries, it is better in shorts and flip flops. It is also tired of all these riches exhibited ... for nothing! Porsche costs $ 1,300 per month lease and some do not deprive themselves - sometimes to the detriment of other more essential everyday bills.

I have never in my life seen so many cars per square meter! There comes a time when all this fluff choking and undeniable quality of life is no longer sufficient to meet the aspirations of many. And even if one tries to raise her daughters in respect of the person and a remnant of French elegance, it is confronted to 12 years want to wear them too ... Louboutins 12 cm !

Miami is not Florida

If you like romantic sunsets and white sand beaches, if merely a life of shopping, dining and lounging by the pool, if it is considered that deserved retirement in State where summer lasts 11 months a year .... So Florida is the ideal destination. Just a little back to Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and even further north to find a quiet radically cutting the nightlife of Miami Beach. It is bored much more but after all, everyone does not want to live a hundred miles an hour!

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