Sunday, November 9, 2014

Real estate market in Miami: A "war" between local and foreign

The real estate market in Miami has more than one face. One billionaire, characterized by huge investments in luxury buildings, located in areas such as Brickell, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and the other, more conservative, more local, meant to cater to those sectors that have specific needs and are not intended to live or work in those locations.
The lessons learned in the past have led these professionals to maintain a conservative, realistic and more sustainable result in time to the business of "Real Estate" relationship. Their careers ran parallel as they shared a great friendship. Carlos came-before suffering another setback in the 80s and more recently as many in the real estate market in 2007 that forced him to reinvent or disappear; Ramon meanwhile saw limited their professions in their homeland so that, by "stuff of life", decided to join forces in 2008 and give Trizel this new approach to overcome the slope.
How did it go on? What worst is over? You what I can summarize in one word: Confidence. Trust between us. ¿confidence in the market also? We see growth but remains to be seen whether this growth will be rather artificial. We strongly believe in Miami; what happens is that this city gets a lot of influence from abroad. External influence distorts the local market. You can not distract in abroad but focus on the local market to survive. For us it has worked to unite our friendship, mutual trust and the business to be doing our best in this jungle of Miami facing a "war" between local and foreign. What is sought in the local market? We're focusing on the "Workforce housing" (housing for the working class) for those looking to rent because they have no purchasing power. The offer is limited to this sector.
This is a problem, such as Miami, facing all major cities. We focus on providing options; manage property well. In Miami no market to manage properties of all sizes, but Trizel looking buildings focus on a small number of units to ensure better service to neighborhood associations to which it serves. In this case, less is more. How would you define you success, given their past experiences and behavior of the real estate market today? Ours is a family business and we rely on values ​​such as trust, honesty, loyalty.
The competition is fierce in this way: if you're not careful, your competitors will steal the bread from the mouth, however, if you have a clear goal and sales are focused on. Also apply a simple when closing a business formula: we know our own limitations and we consider our "own league." Will sit with the "majors" can lead to failure if it does not have the financial or operational capacity. Our first experiment failed in the 80s because the company which we then tried to play in the league which did not belong. Today, if you adapt to new ways of promoting your business, you become attached to your values ​​and you You show up to work every day, you have half the battle won.

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