Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pau Gasol also has the option to Miami Heat

In the transfer market this summer's NBA there are many interesting players for many teams, all outbreaks are leading LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony Pau Gasol but Spanish is also still a problem.

Many franchises are becoming interested to see what they can offer Pau Gasol for next season, have sounded great franchises as Oklahoma City Thunder, and now appears as the various means Miami Heat .

Miami Project
Pat Riley is putting together a new team that can come back to fight for the championship ring, and to achieve something important to offer LeBron James a good project is to find players that project to excite the NBA star.

In Miami Heat have to make many adjustments, and Pau Gasol would be an important player for them in the NBA Finals team Florida has had problems with the center, Chris Bosh is not a pure center and has had it rough sometimes Pau Gasol and that may be key.

Miami lacks many parts
For Pau Gasol also be interesting proposal Miami Heat, but it is a project in the air than Oklahoma for example having all its major players already on the team, while in Miami are still many players who do not Pau Gasol would be jeopardized continue fighting for another ring.

Pau Gasol will continue to evaluate the various proposals to do to find one in which there is a good project and where I can feel an important and useful player, while the market is still moving.

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