Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Miami: financial rather than shoulder pads

The sunshine metropolis in South Florida stands out not only with the sun, sand and sea, but also with art, architecture and culinary feats. Miami Vice is only nostalgia.
Frank lives in Miami for 22 years. The German is not only representative of the tour operator TUI, he has also built next to a remarkable business with love. He's wedding planner and can be trusted as a trained civil registry office to marry her holidaymakers on the beach in Miami Beach and other romantic places. The number of these couples is growing. Only one Innsbruck newlyweds worked the not so. The day before the wedding, the bride told the preliminary talk with Frank, she would these Falotten of groom illegitimate because fraudsters and ever. Why do they still came to Miami? Resolution later.

Miami has established itself as a holiday destination, dazzling. The city, which was only founded 100 years ago, today is holiday, sea and sunshine. Namely, practically all year round. Sometimes it rains. But that's just a way of seeing things. "For us it is not raining. It says here, Liquid Sunshine", says a representative of the city tourism.

But sun, mojito in one-liter bucket and warm water in the Atlantic Ocean are also found in other destinations. The cities of Miami and Miami Beach, therefore, rely on more legs that will bring tourists firstly and secondly revenue. Some time has the very good work with "Miami Vice". When Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas aka Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs crime and a tolerable fashion sense with consistency and padded shoulders made a full end in 111 episodes of "Miami Vice" 1984 to 1989, the tourism promotion was pure. Embassy: Miami is safe, beautiful, and pastels.

And even if such a wet speedboat tour in the vicinity of the Celebrity Villas (including "Viagra Falls" a pharmaceutical manager) is funny, the Föhnwelle the two super cops is ebbing, so new must be stopped. It focuses on culture.

One of the attendent Martin Diaz Alvarez said "That's obvious. Finally, the Art Deco District with its wonderful buildings from the 1920s and 1930s, unique in its formation, will be to renovated houses

peps and is almost historically by American standards. Ever since Gianni Versace lived on Ocean Drive and his mansion was in Graceland's third most photographed home of the United States after the White House and Elvis' hut, the district is the major attraction in Miami Beach. But the recommended tours of the district, which can be booked via the Miami Design Preservation League, are not the only highlight.

Everyday things in Wolfsonian

So one makes about the talent of the American advantage, museums didactically so that it is a pleasure. In Wolfsonian Museum about that is located in the Art Deco District to design pieces found from the period between 1885 and 1945. Ranging from the turntable through the mixer up to billboards and images that reflect the a piece of American history, economic recovery and Art. Mitchell Wolfson founded the museum. Also there to present his collection to. For Wolfson was of the opinion that everyday things most statements about the behavior of people.

Newly designed neighborhoods

Modern art in a low-energy buildings of breathtaking architecture presents the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), which opened nearly two years ago. Around the PAMM is still under construction. The museum is part of a new district in Downtown Miami right on the bay. Nowhere Miami looks modern and at the same time greener than here.

Not far from here is in many places also still hammered and timbered diligently. In a neighborhood next to the highway, which one would not necessarily originally called wirtlich, created the Design District. 125 super expensive branded goods manufacturers and dealers are here to offer the rich and famous their goods in a culturally and architecturally inspired environment. South Americans who do not know where the money is immediately given here will help. Each vendor can make its facade as it wants, what Hermes & Co have used extensively and interesting way. For those who do not want to shop there, some good news: Parking is dirt cheap.

In fact, it is possible to Miami residents to lure well-heeled customers in the city. Best proof is on the one hand, real estate prices (the most expensive penthouse on the beach was last sold by $ 50 million) and, secondly, it is the art market. The annually held offshoot of the art fair "Art Basel" in Miami has become so successful that in Miami more money is converted as in Basel itself. And that's saying something. (For those who want to read about Bitter evil: "Back to Blood" by Tom Wolfe).

Even eating and drinking culture

But it must go not only classy. A culinary tour with a "ABC = American born Cuban" by Little Havana offers a nice overview of the lives of the Cuban exiles, while not all live in the Calle Ocho, but at least here play dominoes, eating times and the legendary jazz venue " Ball & Chain "music and dancing.

Also away from the beach and art deco is Wynwood. The neighborhood has become a Mecca for graffiti artists. Only those who can spray a wall here, it has really done. Whereby the mural art, which can be seen here, is light years different on domestic walls of some graffiti.

At the highest level very different styles are perfected. This is thanks to the real estate developer Tony Goldman, who has already passed away and is on the verge of canonization in the sprayer community. As usual in the US, Goldman has a passion also connected to the business and made a profit vigorously in developing the rundown district. Everyone here begrudge him.

What you might have to wait, is the justification of from Innsbruck, while flew to Miami, but there canceled their wedding. It is simple. First the flight was already paid. And Miami is finally a fine resort. One must here not to marry in order to recover.

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