Friday, December 4, 2015

The key investment in the US

My US Investment, the leading real estate and property investment in the US, helps us understand what are the key investment made ​​in US. Together, let us explore this market with ever more opportunities.
If the US is currently the world's leading investors, however, they are no more, for 3 years, the first receivers of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). It is, in fact, China since 2012 who became the first receiver. By now occupying the third place worldwide as to the reception of FDI, according to the very serious Global Investment Trends Monitor 2015, the US position is still proudly leading the charts.

Of major assets continue to characterize the US are:

. the first global economic power

. the 1 st international financial center

. the 3rd most populous countries in the world

Other assets seduce Moreover, foreign investors:

. a predictable and transparent legal system

. developed infrastructure

. the most lucrative consumer market in the world

Why invest in the US?
The strong points

The US market strengths are plurals.

1. With a population of over 300 million inhabitants and a high-powered global economy, the US represents the largest market in the world, whatever the sector.
2. The American workforce is known for its high level of qualifications, being one of the most productive and innovative in the world.
3. The regional centers of the business combination with a shared industry: the "clusters" are very attractive. Real estate investment, high rental income, is still a very lucrative business for foreign investors.


3 weaknesses of the US is that the economy remains very competitive and financial system seriously affected by the subprime crisis. In 2015, the US began to rise, certain sectors or areas of activity are still very affected.


Taxation policy and US regulation offers foreign investors a wide freedom of management.

The investment aid

The different types of assistance

Both at the state and federal levels, foreign investors can receive grant funding as long-term subsidized loans. To encourage and facilitate the establishment of foreign companies in their territories, the US has started a business of seduction and fighting with foreign groups whose objective is to offer investors the best services and benefits available.

Foreign companies can benefit from aid provided by three federal agencies:
1. The EDA (Economic Development Administration) offers long-term loans with preferential rates for creative projects and activity extension leading to new job creation.
2. The SBA (Small Business Administration) offers guarantees for loans contracted by SME and can finance plant construction, industrial buildings on more or less long term.
3. The USDA (under the Ministry of Agriculture) may guarantee up to 90% of loans granted to commercial enterprises that would create jobs in rural areas.

This is Arizona has become the favorite status of investors because of the unique program of international trade zone it offers. Indeed, this privileged status offers companies therein implanting the lowest ownership rate that is the USA.

The US therefore remain a state that offers an interesting range of opportunities to invest and start a business. Arizona Dream seem to blow our ears My US Investment and EDA ...

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