Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beyonce and Jay Z: they win $ 4 million per concert!

This is a summer job that pays! The joint tour of Beyonce and Jay called "On the Run" bring in their $ 4 million per concert .
Carter couple may be on the verge of breaking, but what is certain is that it always reports much! Despite persistent rumors of separation, the fans always meet present at each of their movements.
Beyonce and Jay Z have a large common entammé tour called "On the Run" on June 25 in Miami, a tour that passes  through Paris on 12 and 13 September.
According to Forbes magazine very seriously, their concert series has become, even before its launch,  the second most profitable tour in history  to the legendary DC band AC / or the Rolling Stones. 
New York now makes some numbers that make your head spin! The joint tour of the singer and rapper should indeed report $ 100 million.
The newspaper also reports that the two artists pocket every evening "modest" sum of four million dollars.
And need to be a mathematical genius to calculate that with 21 concerts in the program, both parents of Blue Ivy deposit a check for $ 84 million on their bank accounts once the mission is accomplished!

Maybe Beyoncé have already decided to invest that money in real estate? The same newspaper also explained on Tuesday (July 29) that the singer would have been only a luxurious apartment  of 21.5 million located Chelsea, New Nork ...

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