Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Art Basel: The coolest art fair in Miami Beach

Since 2002, the city in Florida hosts the American edition of the prestigious contemporary art installation. Today, it is considered the largest in the country.
It is nothing new: Miami is emerging increasingly as a destination that offers much more than shopping and sea and in this quest to expand its cultural activities, not only in quantity but in quality, since 2002 the city becomes the official headquarters the prestigious Art Basel. Thus, Florida joins Basel and Hong Kong as the cradle of one of the major exhibitions of contemporary works.

Artistic Florida

Miami was chosen as the North American headquarters for being one of the most iconic cities. Its beaches, Art Deco architecture and its intense nightlife give an idiosyncrasy for other particular; so much so that the younger sister began as the Swiss subsidiary now considered fair art most important United States.

Art Basel takes place every year in the month of December at the Miami Beach Convention Center, located in the Art Deco District . The 2015 edition will take place between 3 and 6 December, days when the city will be transformed into a dynamic and cosmopolitan event that combines art and entertainment.

Year after year, participating international galleries; the Galleries section, for example, brings together 200 of the most prestigious houses in the world, although nearly half of the exhibitors come from the United States and Latin America. But, besides the participation of galleries whose reputation is already well enshrined, also part other emerging, and a section devoted to limited editions.

Art Basel is born of the conviction that the galleries play a key role in promoting the visual arts. The contemporary art scene owes its dynamism to the relations between galleries, artists, private collectors and public institutions and, especially during the last decade, the art fairs became the ideal way for galleries to have access to collectors and curators platform while art enthusiasts can discover new names, if not deepen the bond with those who already know.

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