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Miami, city of all vices? Where start (and where to stop) fantasies

Miami, is it really the city that we present in W9 "The Marseille to Miami?" Yes ... but not that.Sandrine Kukurudz lived there seven years, the time a thunderbolt then disillusionment that settled slowly but surely. Why the French often they misrepresent the attractive capital of Florida? Testimony.

Miami, city of all vices? The starting and stops the fantasy

The implant candidates in the U.S. are more every day in France ever doubt. Among them are many who dream to put their furniture in the Miami captivating ... Yet!

There were violent Miami, dangerous 80s, when the Cuban mafia was a reign of terror. The era of Crockett, Tubs, and Castillo, where we could not stop at a red light without fear of leaving there at least four tires are gone.

Today, French TV - including W9 - presents an opulent city, who built huge empires on real estate and the world of the night. French empires which would derive their game, making Miami the city of all fantasies! Easy living under constant sun, Maserati convertible, the huge pool and jacuzzi in the garden with a fabulous designer house, bordering the turquoise ocean ... 

Stereotypes that die hard

When we spent like me 7 years in Miami before and after the famous subprime crisis, we are able to dismantle one by one the castles in Spain.
We also spent euphoria detestation of a city without energy, subscribes to false pretenses. Admittedly, the first shock by depositing his luggage immigrant is close to orgasm: an apartment with windows on Ocean Drive, a few daily laps in the pool before starting a workday which ends at worst 5 hours, the evening barbecue with nice neighbors, the French, who welcome you with open arms and a gaggle of friends who make you forget those you left. And then the dream ... reality.

The ebb and flow of friendships often interested

The alarm clock is harder. It is extremely difficult to work in Miami and reach to gain an honest living, except for businesses related to tourism. On the other hand, the city does not expect you. 65% of Hispanics in Miami, do not expect to get away without speaking Spanish. 

Despite the impressive ocean color and happiness to dive into a pool at 30 degrees every day, we must deal with the realities of everyday life, after a moment. At 20, 30 or 40 years, can we build a future for himself and his children in this postcard?

To confirm the decline of love beginnings, friendships wither. With newcomers landing each month, we become less interesting. Because we do not welcome you by chance in Miami. All interested. Upon arrival, you are identified. But you do not understand right away! I had so many friends that I felt some nights live at Club Med. And then I had less, much less. Sometimes by choice, but not always.

A city must come millionaire and be prepared to lose everything

Most of those who succeed in Miami do not work there. Companies are in Europe, Latin America, or in other major cities in the United States. Others work in Miami, but with an international clientele. As many Hispanic fortunes, they come and spend several months a year they can not afford in their country, alarmed at the idea of ​​being attacked or abducted.

And the time for assessments, the vast majority of French who came with their savings, lost for most.Many of these French also arrive to embark on the restoration without any knowledge of art. They close quickly and sell at a loss in many cases.

Porsche, Louboutins and surgery

Slogan t-shirts sold in Miami Beach finally sums up the reality of the place: " If you are rich, I'm your bitch. " If you're rich, I'm your bitch. 

While Miami Beach is not Miami and this city has many neighborhoods. Although even if the environment changes a kilometer to another, the mentality remains the same. After a few years, you get tired of crossing at 8 am at the supermarket women redone on Louboutins 12 centimeters.

It is said that even so, to choose its strawberries, it is better in shorts and flip flops. It is also tired of all these riches exhibited ... for nothing! Porsche costs $ 1,300 per month lease and some do not deprive themselves - sometimes to the detriment of other more essential everyday bills.

I have never in my life seen so many cars per square meter! There comes a time when all this fluff choking and undeniable quality of life is no longer sufficient to meet the aspirations of many. And even if one tries to raise her daughters in respect of the person and a remnant of French elegance, it is confronted to 12 years want to wear them too ... Louboutins 12 cm !

Miami is not Florida

If you like romantic sunsets and white sand beaches, if merely a life of shopping, dining and lounging by the pool, if it is considered that deserved retirement in State where summer lasts 11 months a year .... So Florida is the ideal destination. Just a little back to Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and even further north to find a quiet radically cutting the nightlife of Miami Beach. It is bored much more but after all, everyone does not want to live a hundred miles an hour!

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